News: Bloody Trams at Traverse Festival

We’re excited to announce that Bloody Trams will return to the Traverse Theatre. Read our news story for more.


Bloody Trams to return for the Traverse Festival

Following a sell-out run this March, the popular verbatim piece Bloody Trams is set to return for the Traverse Festival this August. This second outing will incorporate up-to-date passenger interviews from the first day the trams were up and running on 31 May and stories from Edinburgh Festival visitors in addition to anecdotes from Edinburgh locals across the city.

Originally devised over three days, Bloody Trams explored emotions across the city before the Edinburgh tram service was up and running, with director Joe Douglas recording anonymous interviews with people all over the capital. Much of what was presented to the audience was new information, with personal accounts stimulating lively debate.

Commenting on the project, director Joe Douglas said:
“The Edinburgh Tram works have hugely affected Edinburgh as a city, its people and its visitors, and they continue to do so. Incorporating the stories of locals with those of regular festival goers from outside the city will add a new angle to the ongoing experiences of the Edinburgh Trams.

What is really exciting is that the piece very much depends on what people say! It’s a personal response in the truest sense. I’m incredibly excited to have the chance to revisit the material and create an updated version for the late-night Traverse festival audience.”

A verbatim piece created by the People of Edinburgh, the show is a public response to one of Edinburgh’s most contested and emotive debates over the last decade. Two actors will recreate the opinions of the People of Edinburgh on the Traverse 2 stage.

The composer and pianist David Paul Jones will perform live accompaniment and original songs based on the testimony, giving verbatim theatre a cabaret flavour.

Inspired by National Theatre’s London Road (2011) and the verbatim theatre work of Alecky Blythe, Bloody Trams gives a voice and a stage to the stories for those affected and for those interested in hearing the discussion.

If you would like to get involved in the show and express an opinion, tweet Joe Douglas on @utterjoe using the hashtag #bloodytrams.


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