Meet the Creatives: Kevin Murray, Sound Designer

As the curtain gets set to go up for Stand By, we decided to go behind-the-scenes and sit down with the creatives who make productions possible.

Sound Designer Kevin Murray talks about his work, and the sound design of Stand By.

1. What inspired you to embark on a career in the creative industries?
It happened gradually. I’ve always been a musician and in 2012, I wrote the music for a short film called Coast which went on to win the 48 film competition for best music and best film, so I started doing more of that. I went on to undertake a Masters in Sound Design in Moving Image, and it all slowly starting evolving from that point onward.

Coast from Kevin murray on Vimeo.

2. Do you have a favourite production, that uses sound well?
Woman in Black was the first show I remember seeing that was using surround sound to help build the atmosphere of the piece, so I’ll go for that.

 3. Stand By uses single-ear piece headphones, to allow the audience to experience the play in a multi-sensory way. Can you tell us how this will work?
It’s a short range wireless earpiece, which audiences will wear during the show. This will transmit radio conversations, which will add a lot to the feel of the production. It allows us to draw the audience into the narrative, and help them experience what the characters are experiencing.

4. If Stand By could have a full soundtrack, what 3 songs would be on the album?
Without giving too much away, I’d go for:

5. Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on previously, and why?
Yes. ‘Resonance’ is a game that I worked on that used GPS tagging and augmented reality to tell a story of another world. It was all done through headphones, so the sound design was entirely responsible for creating that world. It’s not released yet, but will hopefully be out this year.

And with that, if I could give any advice to emerging sound designers it would be to not get lost creating ‘In the box’. Sound Design is more than stock recorded sound effects and plug ins.

To experience Kevin’s sound design, Stand By will preview at The Byre, St Andrews from 4 – 5 August, before making its Festival Fringe debut at Army@The Fringe in association with Summerhall from 11 – 26 August. For full details, read the news announcement.


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